Cinzia RECCA

Researcher of MODERN HISTORY [M-STO/02]
Office: Via Biblioteca, 4-PALAZZO INGRASSIA, piano 1, stanza XIII
Office Hours: Tuesday and Friday from 10:00 to 13:00

Cinzia Recca is Lecturer in Modern History at the University of Catania in the Department of Education. Her area of research is the European Enlightenment namely the following topics: The British Enlightenment particular regarding  E. Gibbon and D. Hume; the European Enlightenment specially regarding feminine roles; the Neapolitan Enlightenment analysing the Bourbon Courts of  Ferdinand IV and Carolina. In recent years she started a demanding research activity focused on the figure of Queen Maria Carolina of Naples through the analysis of unpublished sources (diary and correspondence). She is author of several papers published in historical journals and volumes.  She recently published a book regarding the Queenship of Maria Carolina of Naples through the analysis of diary (The diary of Maria Carolina of Naples,1781-1785.New evidence d Queenship at Court Palgrave McMillan, 2017). Currently she has started a new monograph regarding the Hapsburg shadow in the Kingdom of Naples in Mid-eighteenth century.


Eighteenth century in Great Britain, France,  Kingdom of the two Sicilies with particular attention females roles, social and instution history.



November/1/2015 to now

Lecturer- Department of Educational Sciences University of Catania, Italy, sector Modern History (M-STO/02).

February/2/ 2015 to October/31/2015

Temporary Research Fellow-Department of Educational Sciences University of Catania, Italy, sector Modern History (M-STO/02).


From November/03/2008 to April/02/2014

Temporary Research Fellow -Department of Educational Sciences University of Catania, Italy, sector Modern History (M-STO/02).





PhD  in “Pensiero Politico ed Istituzioni nelle Società Mediterranee, University of Catania. Thesis: David Hume tra filosofia e storia: religione e istituzioni nel volume sesto della history of England.

December 2012

STAGE at  the Archive Stete of Vienna for  methodological research .


Degree in Political Science international politics with magna laude, University of Catania.


Erasmus Fellowship-six months stage at Universidad Central de Barcellona (Spain).





From 2014

Scientific Copy Editor and Referee, Royal Studies Journal, Winchester University Press.


Member of organizing committee of Emuni Summer School, “Books as Knowledge transmission tool: gender literature and history observed by the sea in the Mediterranean area” Department of Educational Sciences, University of Catania, Italy.



Italian Editor (Scholar) of the International Project “Female Biography” (three volumes of the Chawton House Library Edition Pickering & Chatto).



Academic year 2014-15

Teaching Activity- Master Erasmus Mundus, TEMA, IV edition “Methodological Research Seminar”, 30 hours, (M-ST/02) “History and analysis of European territory”, Ecole des Hautes by Cosortium of: Eotvos Lorand Tudomanyegyetem (Hungary), Hauted Etudes en Sciences Sociales (France), University of Catania, and Univerzita Karlova v Praze (Czech Republic).

From 2008 until now

Scholar of Modern History.


Member of  degree panel, Department of Educational Sciences, University of Catania, Italy.


Member of  examination board of Modern History, Department of Educational Sciences, University of Catania, Italy.


Assistant supervisor of several degree thesis.



Lisbon, Portugal, June /24-27/2015

Speaker at meeting: Kings and Queen 4: Dynastic Changes and Legitimacy, “‘The reversal of dynasties’ during the era of House of Bourbon in the Kingdom of Naples”.

Winchester, Great Britain, July/11-12//2014.

Speaker at meeting: Kings and Queen 3:  Entourage. Courtiers, Councillors, Cousins, Consorts & Contemporaries, “Friendships and political strategies: Lady Hamilton at the Court of Naples”.

Northumbria University, Great Britain, April/7-10//2014.

Speaker at meeting: Social History Society, 39th Annual Conference, “The importance of Sicily for Great Britain: The preponderant influence of Lord William Bentinck on the draft constitution of 1812”.

Plymouth, Great Britain


Speaker at meeting: Gender and Political Culture, 1400-1800, “Behind a lazy king stood a Great Queen Regnant: The Reign of Maria Carolina of Naples (1776-1799)”.

Winchester, Great Britain


Speaker at meeting and chairman of a session: Kings and Queen 2: Making Connections, “The Hapsburg shadow in the Reign of Naples: an exchange of letters between Queen Maria and her brother, Granduke Leopold (1785-1789)”.

Catholic University of Milan,


Speaker at meeting: Studi Amicizia, vita civile e forme della politica in età moderna e contemporanea, “Relazioni amicali e strategie politiche nella Corte della regina Maria Carolina di Napoli”.

Mussomeli, Sicily


Speaker at meeting: Studi su Paolo Emiliani Giudici, “Influenze settecentesche sulle riflessioni di Paolo Emiliani Giudici sui ruoli femminili”.

Marina di Massa,


Speaker at meeting: SISSD, La ricerca dei giovani settecentisti d’Italia, “Maria Carolina d’Asburgo Lorena: una rivisitazione biografica”.

Bath,Great Britain,


Speaker at meeting: Kings and Queen:Power, Politic, Patronage and Personality in Medieval and Early Modern Monarchy, “Queenship and Family dynamics through the correspondence of Queen Maria Carolina of Naples”.

Royal Holloway University- London University,

April/1- 4/2012

Speaker at meeting: The Royal Body, “Maria Carolina and Marie Antoniette: Sisters and Queens in the mirror of Jacobin Public Opinion”.



Partecipation at meeting: 21st International Congress of Historical Sciences”.




Partecipation at meeting: Imperi e Imperialismi, Fondazione Luigi Firpo.



Partecipation at meeting: Garibaldi.

Boston University,


Partecipation at meeting: Conferenza Internazionale di Hume.

University of Milano,Bicocca, November/13-15/2006

Partecipation at meeting: Aspetti del pensiero di Marx e delle interpretazioni successive.

University of Catania,


Partecipation at meeting: Terzo Mondo e Terzo Mondismo alle porte del revisionismo storico tenutosi presso Facoltà di scienze Politiche.

University of Koblenz

August/7 -12 /2006.

 Partecipation at meeting: 33° Conferenza Internazionale di Hume.

Antico Monastero di Santa Chiara, San Marino,

June/9 -10/2006

Partecipation at meeting: Idee d’Europa.

University of Catania,


Partecipation at meeting Sesamo: Spazio privato, spazio pubblico e società civile in Medio Oriente e il Africa del Nord.

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