Orazio PALIO

Associate Professor of PREHISTORY AND EARLY HISTORY [L-ANT/01]
Office: Via Biblioteca, 4-PALAZZO INGRASSIA, piano terra, stanza V
Email: opalio@unict.it
Phone: +390952508045
Mobile: 3333605675
Office Hours: Monday and Tuesday from 09:00 to 11:00

Orazio Palio

Curriculum vitae et studiorum

latest update 03/2021


Degree in Classical Studies, University of Catania (1990); Post-graduate Specialization in Aegean Prehistory, Italian Archaeological School of Athens (1992-1994); PhD in Archaeology, University of Pisa (1995-1997).

2000-2002 - Research fellow, University Ca’Foscari of Venice (2000-2002)

2004-2014- Researcher in Prehistory, University of Catania.

2014-present - Associate Professor in Prehistory, University of Catania

2012-2015 - Directorship of excavations at Valcorrente, Belpasso (CT)

2017-2018 - Directorship of excavations at Marineo, Licodia Eubea (CT)

1992 - present - excavations at Festòs and Haghia Triada, Crete, Greece

1988-1992 - excavations at Milena, Caltanissetta,


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Academic Year  

Insegnamenti tenuti presso altri dipartimenti nell'anno accademico 2021/2022

Research activity on Cretan Bronze Age: Minoan craft production with special concern for stone vases; Neopalatial Crete, with special concern for pottery production and domestic architecture.

Sicily: survey and excavation activities at Valcorrente near Belpasso, at marineo near Licodia Eubea, Balze Soprane, near Bronte and S. Ippolito, near Caltagirone.

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