Paola Clara LEOTTA

Office: Via Biblioteca, 4- Palazzo Ingrassia, piano terra, stanza IX
Office Hours: Wednesday and Thursday from 09:00 to 10:00

Latest update 25/01/2020

Born in Catania (Italy) September 19th, 1972. 

A levels (High School Diploma, Foreign Languages,  1990), full marks.

M.A.  Degree in Foreign Languages and Literatures (Catania, 1996), first- class honours.

Post-graduate degree in Didactics of English Language and Literature (Rome, 1999).

PhD in English and Anglo-American Studies (Catania, 2004).

Associate Professor of English Language and Translation, academic field L-LIN/12, at the University of Catania.

Teacher of English Linguistics  (1st  level degree of Psychological  Science and Techniques, and Science of Education); English for Psychology (2nd  level degree in Psychology)

Latest update 25/01/2020

2004- Lecturer, English Language and Literature, University of Catania

 2009- Researcher,  English Language and Translation, University of Catania

2015- Associate Professor, English Language and Translation, University of Catania

2018- Trained as Senior Professor, University of Catania

Member of several national and international research projects

Reviewer of national and international scientific journals.

Member of REPRISE (Register of Expert Peer Reviewers for Italian Scientific Evaluation)

Member of several Boards within the Department of Educational Science, University of Catania

Referee of an Erasmus+ Agreement (EBurgos01)

Referee of an Erasmus+ Agreement (EGranada01)

Supervisor of the research fellowship two-year programme: “English for Specific purposes: methods and applications in research on languages and translation".

Department Delegate for Internationalisation - Erasmus Coordinator

Speaker at national and international conferences.



Latest update 05/02/2020



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27. “Let Freedom Reign. Nelson Mandela’s Rhetoric in Four Selected Speeches”, in F. Rosati, F. Vaccarelli (eds), Under African Skies. In Memory of Prof. Giuseppe Gaetano Castorina, Nuova Cultura, Roma, forthcoming.


Academic Year  

Latest update 25/01/2020

- Member of five national and international research projects.

- Supervisor of the research fellowship two-year programme: “English for Specific purposes: methods and applications in research on languages and translation".
 Her current research mainly focuses on four fields of English Linguistics:

1. "New Englishes", with particular reference to the socio-linguistic study of Indian English;

2. English for Specific Purposes, applied to English for Psychology and Psychiatry, to Neurolinguistic Programming as a teaching method, and to popularization of scientific Discourse;

3. Translation Studies, with particular reference to Audiovisual translation;

4. English Language acquisition and bilingualism.

- Member of the "Centro interdipartimentale di ricerca" for the Community University Engagement.


Latest update 25/01/2020

International press agent, Rai Radiotelevisione Italiana

Translator (Department of Engineering, University of Catania)

 Conference interpreter (Departments of Educational Science, Law, Natural Sciences, Economics)

Tutor  (Sarah Lawrence College- New York, Scuola Superiore di Catania per la Formazione d’Eccellenza)

 “Docente Tutor” (Department of Educational Science, B.A. course in “Formazione di Operatori Turistici” , B.A. course in Educational Science, Post-graduate course in “Didattica e psicopedagogia per i disturbi specifici dell’apprendimento”)

Member of several scientific commissions within the Department of Educational Science

Member of scientific commission within the Scuola Superiore di Catania per la Formazione d’Eccellenza

Member of REPRISE (Register of Expert Peer Reviewers for Italian Scientific Evaluation)

Member of CURE (Community University  Research Engagement)

Department Delegate for Internationalisation - Erasmus Coordinator

Member of the Teaching Committee of the PhD course in "Educational Processes, Theoretical-Transformative Models and Research Methods Applied to Territory" , University of Catania.

Member of board in charge of syllabus B.A and M.A. courses in Psychology.