Academic Year 2021/2022 - 2° Year
Teaching Staff: Zaira SALAFIA
Credit Value: 9
Taught classes: 162 hours
Term / Semester: One-year

Learning Objectives

The French Language course is aimed at achieving and / or strengthening the communicative functions and the corresponding morpho-syntactic structures suitable for achieving a know-how, in terms of oral and written skills, corresponding to an exit level B1 of the Framework European Municipality for Foreign Languages.

The educational objectives, expressed according to the Dublin Descriptors, are the following:

Applied knowledge and understanding (DD2) -

- Link the methodological contents learned to the interpretation of sectoral texts.

Autonomy of judgment (DD3) -

- knowing how to interpret and formulate the training request

Communication skills (DD4) -

- Knowing how to communicate projects and the meaning of one's actions.

- Knowing how to comment, dialogue, negotiate and argue.

- Knowing how to write written texts of various kinds.

Learning ability (DD5)

- Knowing how to identify your training needs

Course Structure

The teaching methods proposed will be mainly those of participatory lessons and cooperative activities to stimulate motivation, comparison and active participation; the lectures will be limited to the phases of systematization and metalinguistic reflection.

Detailed Course Content

The course includes activities on communication functions, analysis of authentic or didactic documents, linguistic reflection on morpho-syntactic structures, relative to the reference level. The in-depth course includes the analysis and reflection on some documents (articles and videos) that are current topics of debate on language and school in France: L’écriture inclusive. If the teaching is given in a mixed or remote way, the necessary changes may be introduced with respect to what was previously stated, in order to comply with the program envisaged and reported in the syllabus.

Textbook Information

General part: 1. - A.Berthet, C. Hugot, V.Kizirian, B. Sampsonis, M.Waendendries, Alter ego plus + 2, Hachette, Paris, 2006 pp. 154 2.- L. Parodi, M. Vallacco, Grammathèque contrastive grammar for Italians + Grammathèque exercices, Cideb, Turin, 2014, pp. 258 Deepening: - Didactic material that will be uploaded by the teacher on Studium during the course of the lessons. Those who do not attend classes must ask the teacher for information on the program carried out and on any additional bibliographic material.