Academic Year 2021/2022 - 3° Year - Curriculum Educatore sociale di comunita'
Teaching Staff: Emanuele PIAZZA
Credit Value: 6
Taught classes: 36 hours
Term / Semester:

Learning Objectives

The expected learning objectives, declined according to the Dublin Descriptors, are the following:

- Knowledge and understanding (DD1) = The course provides students with knowledge to understand the events of the Middle Ages, an age to be considered fundamental for the making of European civilization, and to develop a critical judgment about the themes related to this age.

- Applying knowledge and understanding (DD2) = The student will acquire the skills to connect the theoretical and methodological contents learned with the interpretation of past, present and future events and processes.

- Making judgements (DD3) = The student will acquire the ability to make critical judgments of the content learned and grasp the connection between the objectives and results of research in the field of medieval history.

- Communication (DD4) = Student's competence in justifying historiographical knowledge and methodologies in oral and written form is one of the educational objectives of the discipline.

- Lifelong learning skills (DD5) = The student will acquire the cognitive tools necessary to deal with complex historiographical issues and also to focus on training needs.

Course Structure


Detailed Course Content

The main aims of the course are: comprehension of the relationship between the principal events of the Middle Ages and their arrangement in the chronological and geographical context; the relationship between political, cultural and religious communities; analysis of some specific issues, such as the relationship and the integration between the European West and the barbarian world, the role of key figures of political and social communities, the transformation of religious sentiment and its impact on urban communities.

Textbook Information

Corso generale.

A scelta dello studente:

1) F. Cardini, M. Montesano, Storia medievale, seconda edizione, Firenze, Le Monnier Università, 2019, pp. 1-470.

2) L. Tanzini, F.P. Tocco, Un Medioevo mediterraneo. Mille anni tra Oriente e Occidente, Roma, Carocci, 2020, pp. 21-422.

Corso monografico:

3) M. Montesano, Ai margini del Medioevo. Storia culturale dell’alterità, Roma, Carocci, 2021, pp. 25-74; 105-131.