Academic Year 2017/2018 - 1° Year - Curriculum Educatore nei servizi per l'infanzia
Teaching Staff: Elisabetta SAGONE
Credit Value: 10
Taught classes: 60 hours
Term / Semester:

Learning Objectives

The course aim is to provide the main theories linked to developmental and educational psychology and focused on processualities connected with the individual development with reference to principal formative agencies. It is focused on family context throught the analysis of representation of parenthood dimmensions and on school context by empirical evidences centrered on creativity. In detail, the main attention is given to the analysis of gender stereotypes. From methodological point of view, the techniques of observation of behavior will deepen with the realization of activities produced by university students. At the end of this course, university students will be able to apply the contents and the methodologies of developmental psychology to their future professional activity, to collaborate for creating of activities linked to individual well-being in everyday life.

Textbook Information

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De Caroli M.E., Sagone E., Un “puzzle” di genere, un “genere” di puzzle, Bonanno Editore, Acireale-Roma, 2009.

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