Academic Year 2022/2023 - Teacher: VINCENZO MILAZZO

Expected Learning Outcomes

The aim of the course is to help the learner to better understand the significant changes of the digital era in the last decades.

We still underestimate the big impact on relations among educators who are continually investigating relations Data and potential Tools.

Keys concepts are constantly taken into consideration on IT elaboration System to reach a range of tools which provides Data analysis (knowledge and understanding).

The student will be aware how technology plays an important role in the field of social and educational research and both theoretical approaches and former knowledge will be applied and developed.

Besides, qualified Trainers use IT devices which include the educators toolbox to make the learner acquire new knowledge and comprehension skills (applying knowledge and understanding).

The training service is designed to guide the learner to analyze existing data in the net and its aim is to investigate the theoretical premises and some educational and technological processes. (making judgements).

Part of Programme is to encourage the learner to empower his/her social skills, a sense of individual responsibility, positive interaction and relation through Cooperative learning activities, group-work, communication skills.

The course aims “to build a bridge” between knowing THAT and knowing HOW, surely empowering the effectiveness of a successful teaching through PBL actions (learning skills).

Course Structure

It includes

• 36 hours of lessons in presence

• 114 hours of individual study

• Cooperative learning

If necessary, some changes can be applied during the course whether it will be delivered in distance learning or mixed teaching’s methods.

The aim will be to keep the content included and planned in the Syllabus on schedule

Detailed Course Content

  • Concepts of Information Technology
  • From data to information
  • Data presentation tools