Course Overview

The Degree course aims at preparing educators, i.e. professionals able to use knowledge useful for educational interventions and evaluation addressed to both individuals and groups in various formative contexts during the course of one’s life span. Acquired cultural, pedagogical, socio-psychological, methodological competences are aimed at demonstrating specific personal and professional abilities specialized for child care, the community and social services, both in public and private sectors.

The course involves developing expertise through the acquisition of specific competency and ability in educational science and in history, philosophy, sociological, psychology, legal issues, and bio-medical and health issues, specifically oriented towards the preparation for professional careers regarding child care, social and community education.

  1. Concerning aspects of children’s care, the course’s objective is the formation of specialist training enabling the student to foster a child’s growth, to create social support networks for supporting parenthood offering personalized and organizational assistance, promote integration of educational, sanitary, social territorial elements to sustain all educational processes in general, and also the inclusion of respect for the characteristics shown of diversity and human vulnerability.
    Professional employment opportunities will be available: a position of educator in a nursery school and kindergarten; assistant social animator for infants; educator in social services, both public and private for families with children.
  2. In the context of social and community education, the objective is the formation of specialized preparation for students to promote their ability to foster personal and relational development, autonomy, social, and professional integration, human and cultural development of the community with interventions focused on the individual to help prevent and deal with problems and discomforts encountered in the various phases of life, also in the sense of social formation, and to promote areas and processes of social integration, health education and civil respect for others.