Academic Year 2023/2024 - Teacher: Salvatore Roberto TUFANO

Expected Learning Outcomes

The teaching of Modern History has the final objective of allowing the student to develop adequate skills of analysis and interpretation of cultural (and aesthetic) processes in their historical dimension, together with the knowledge and analysis of the cultural and literary heritage, and ability to apply the knowledge gained in the academic field to the public or private operational reality. In particular, the Modern History course aims to provide students with a good knowledge of the main factors of the modern age (events / processes, ideas / keywords, tools, institutions). Through the study of the proposed materials, the student will have acquired knowledge relating to modern history (notions, concepts, vocabulary) fundamental for a study path dedicated to the territory and, in particular, to the beautiful cultures of southern Italy, useful for a work activity in the tourism sector.

Course Structure

The course will be divided into lectures and in-depth seminars.

Required Prerequisites

Knowledge of the history of the modern age

Attendance of Lessons

Since in class the topics will be dealt with from a theoretical and practical point of view, the student who will attend the course will also have learned elements of historical research methodology useful for professional activity in the tourism sector. Attendance, although not compulsory, is highly recommended

Detailed Course Content

The course will provide the student with an adequate basic preparation relating to general history between the late fifteenth and early nineteenth centuries. Particular attention will be paid to political history, without neglecting demographic dynamics, agriculture and land regimes, crafts, corporations and the domestic rural system, commercial and financial development, the social structure of the Ancien regime, forms government, the Enlightenment, Churches and States, cities, international relations, the crisis of the Ancien regime.

Textbook Information

Institutional part:

Students will use the following manual:

1) Raffaele AJELLO, Civiltà moderna. Lineamenti storici e problemi italiani, Istituto italiano per gli studi filosofici press, Napoli 2018. 

Monographic part:

Roberto Tufano, Illuminismo e governamentalità. Riformismo e dispotismo da Filippo V a Ferdinando IV, Roma, Aracne 2018

Learning Assessment

Learning Assessment Procedures

During the course there is a written test to evaluate the progress of the profit.

Examples of frequently asked questions and / or exercises

The ongoing tests and the final exam will focus on the topics covered in class, but will take into consideration any requests for particular insights from the students.