Academic Year 2015/2016 - 2° Year
Teaching Staff: Liana Maria DAHER
Credit Value: 9
Scientific field: SPS/07 - GENERAL SOCIOLOGY
Teaching Mode: Traditional lectures
Taught classes: 54 hours
Term / Semester: One-year

Detailed Course Content

INSTITUTIONAL TOPICS: What is society?; Individual and collective social actors, and identity; Social structures: institution and organization; The relationship between theory and research; Emile Durkheim; Georg Simmel; Karl Marx; Max Weber; The symbolic interactionism; The theories of social action; Methodological aspects and functions of sociological research; Developing research questions; Comparing quantitative and qualitative methods; The sampling; The interview; Questionnaire and survey. MONOGRAPHIC TOPICS: The origins of collective behavior studies: Park; Collective behavior as social process; Dis-continuity and continuity of collective behavior; Models of rational collective action; Social movements as empirical referents; Defining social movements; Conceptualization dilemmas; The Italian empirical research; Introduction to the Second generation migrants' issues: an introduction; the issue of citizenship; Life paths, identities at the borde and forms of belongings; Cases and contexts: family, school, religion and sport.

Textbook Information

Titles translated from the Italian editions, not edited in English language.

Crespi F., Introduction to sociology, il Mulino, 2002, Bologna, pp. 37-129.

Crespi F., The sociological thought, il Mulino, 2002, Bologna, pp. 9-76; 89-110; 159-167; 195-229; 265-277.

Daher L.M., Notes on sociological research methods (pamphlet on line).

Daher L.M., Collective action. Theories and issues, FrancoAngeli, 2002, Milano; pp. 13-108.

Daher L.M., Doing research on social movements in Italy. Past, present and future, FrancoAngeli, 2012, Milano.

Daher L.M., (a cura di), Second generation “migrants”: new citizens in search of identity, Aracne, 2012, Roma, pp. 5-74; 99-129; 147-183; 237-299.