Occupational Outcomes

The course prepares the student for a wide range of professional opportunities in the tourism sector, with a specific orientation directed to cultural tourism which is an important resource of the territory- but not only. Graduates will be able to be integrated in hosting structures, service cooperatives, travel agencies, as tour operators; the specific criteria are indicated in the legislation regarding the figure of the tourist guide, but the preparation will include gaining competence as a specific professional guide, Occupational opportunities will be available in public sectors, as they exist in city centers, artistic administrations, and museums. Also important the organization of the tourist-related holiday festivals, and also media sponsorship of such events both through private and public institutional entities.

Thus, professional tourism-related cultural and executive management capacities will be developed: for hotel and private sector management expertise; for specialists in both touristic products and services promotion; public relations, publicity promoting tourism, planning for expositions, trade fairs, conventions, meetings, receptions, travel agents and advertising activities. 

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