Academic Year 2016/2017 - 2° Year
Teaching Staff: Concetta DE PASQUALE
Credit Value: 5
Taught classes: 30 hours
Term / Semester:

Learning Objectives

The course consists of three min sections:

1.Introduction to clinical Psychopathology, focusing on childhood and adolescence. “Thought” and “sensorial-perceptions” will be discussed.


2.Upon recall of basic notions of General Psychopathology, the following additional topics will be presented: attention, memory, activity. Specif goals of this part of the course will be providing the scholars with the tools needed for a psychopathological diagnosis and ability to discriminate different psychopathological scenarios. Learning disabilities in pre-adulthood age will be highlighted.


3.The goal of this section of the course is to provide the scholars with basic information of the Consciousness of Ego, finally allowing the students to enhance their knowledge specifically focusing on temperamental substrates of major mood disorders.

Detailed Course Content

The course will focus on major themes of Clinical Psychopathology during childhood and adolescence. Specifically, the following issues will be discussed:

Thought, Ideas. Formal and content disturbances of Thought (including obsessive ideation, prevalent ideation, particularism and racing of thoughts). Sensitive-perceptions: both normal and pathological (including delusions, hallucinations, main clinical syndromes). Attention: definition and clinical significance. Memory: qualitative and quantitative impairments of memory, major clinical syndromes and psychopathological definitions. Language and learning disabilities, focusing on aphasia, dyslexia, and related disturbances with attention to their neurobiological foundations. Complex psychopathological clinical pictures, related to imbalanced volition, motility, status of consciousness (including catatonic series of symptoms). Affectivity: Mood, feelings, temperaments will be discussed in detail with a special emphasis towards the clinical implications of different affective temperamental substrates on major mood disorders, both unipolar and bipolar ones. Consciousness: focus on status of consciousness, field and focus of consciousness, major alterations both of para-physiological and pathological significance, including dissociative states and delirium.

Textbook Information

Titolo: Fish. Psicopatologia clinica. Segni e sintomi in psichiatria

Autori: Patricia Casey, Brendan Kelly

Editore: Centro Scientifico Editore

Data di Pubblicazione: 2009

ISBN: 8876406999

ISBN-13: 9788876406997

Pagine: 168