Academic Year 2016/2017 - 3° Year
Teaching Staff: Paola Clara LEOTTA
Credit Value: 7
Taught classes: 42 hours
Term / Semester:

Learning Objectives

The course aims at consolidating and deepening students’ linguistic skills particularly concerning the grammatical, morphological and phonological aspects of language (A2+ level of the Common European Framework), the ability of reading comprehension and the comment on specialized texts belonging to the fields of psychology.

Entry level: A1+.

Achievement level: A2+.

Detailed Course Content

Grammatical, morphological and phonological analysis of texts of different typologies; reading comprehension activities with a focus on scientific lexicon on Psychology and particularly on the following topics:

- A brief history of psychology; Psychology/Psychologies

- Clinical and abnormal psychology: types of psychotherapy

- General psychology

- Developmental psychology

- Neuro-Linguistic Programming;

- The Popularization of Psychological Discourse

Textbook Information

- Grammar: M. Swan, C. Walter, D. Bertocchi, The Good Grammar Book for Italian Students, Oxford U.P., Oxford 2007 (only for reference)

- Language Skills: Handouts.

Monographic course (Prof.ssa Leotta):

- English for Psychology:

1. S. Porro, English for Psychological Studies, Celid, Torino 2013, pp. 7- 42;

2. Handouts on Neuro-Linguistic Programming and The Popularization of Psychological Discourse. (about. 30 pages).