The Department of Educational Sciences includes approximately fifty professors and thousands of students distributed in three 1st level degree courses and two 2nd level courses. The Department and its offices can be found in the heart of the historical city-center, at the Ex-Monastery of the “Verginelle”, situated in front of the Benedettini Monastery (where the Department of Human Sciences is located). Other sites of the Department are Palazzo Ingrassia (Via Biblioteca, near Piazza Dante) and the original site of ‘Magistero’ in Via Ofelia.

At present, the total number of Professors is 50 (full, associate and researchers).
Curricular and extra-curricular study is assured by the presence of a library: there is a total of 40 workstations and a simple all day access (all year round). The library provide a total number of 130,000 volumes  (included Italian and foreign journals).

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