Academic Year 2023/2024 - Teacher: FEDERICA CLAUDIA ABRAMO

Expected Learning Outcomes

The course aims to provide basic elements of spoken and written German, bearing in mind the specific nature of the degree course. The proposed activities will allow students to develop, in a unified and coherent way, communicative, linguistic and cultural competences of level B1 of the Common European Framework, in the four fundamental skills: listening, reading, writing, oral production. Particular attention will be paid to vocabulary and contexts relating to tourism and hospitality, in order to implement basic skills for working in the tourism and to be able to interact in multi and intercultural environments. 

Course Structure

Lectures in class

Required Prerequisites

Interest in foreign languages and cultures

Attendance of Lessons

Attendance is highly recommended.

Detailed Course Content

The course consists of a series of lectures given by the teacher(s) and a series of exercises (essential for learning the German language).

If the course is taught in a blended learning or distance learning mode, the necessary changes may be made in order to comply with the syllabus.

Textbook Information

MODULE A - Grammar and basic skills

H. Dreyer, R. Schmitt, Grammatica tedesca con esercizi, München, Verlag für Deutsch, 2001, 360 pp. (ISBN 9783190472550)

W. Krenn, H. Puchta, Motive A1 – B1. Kursbuch: Lektion 1-30. Kompaktkurs DaF, München, Hueber Verlag, 2016, 260 pp. (ISBN 9783190018789)

W. Krenn, H. Puchta, Motive A1 – B1. Arbeitsbuch: Lektion 1-30. Kompaktkurs DaF, München, Hueber Verlag, 2016, 252 pp. (ISBN 9783190318780)

MODULE B – German for Tourism

AA.VV., Menschen im Beruf - Tourismus A2: Deutsch als Fremdsprache / Kursbuch mit Übungsteil und Audio-CD, Hueber, 2018, 72 pp. (ISBN 9783191414245)

P. Bonelli, R. Pavan, Wanderland. Deutsch fūr Tourismus und Reisen, Milano, Hoepli, 2022, 315 pp. (ISBN 978-8820399672)


MODULE C – German culture

V. Vannuccini, F. Predazzi, Piccolo viaggio nell'anima tedesca, Feltrinelli, Milano 2014, 139 pp. (ISBN 9788807884108)

H. Dreyer, R. SchmittGrammatica tedesca con eserciziVerlag für Deutsch20019783190472550
W. Krenn, H. PuchtaMotive A1 – B1. KursbuchHueber Verlag20169783190018789
W. Krenn, H. PuchtaMotive A1 – B1. ArbeitsbuchHueber Verlag20169783190318780
AA. VV. Menschen im Beruf - Tourismus A2: Deutsch als Fremdsprache / Kursbuch mit Übungsteil und Audio-CDHueber Verlag20189783191414245
V. Vannuccini, F. PredazziPiccolo viaggio nell'anima tedescaFeltrinelli20149788807884108

Learning Assessment

Learning Assessment Procedures

The final exam will be divided into two parts. 

  • Written test
  • Oral test (translation from German into Italian of short tourist texts; interview in German with the mother-tongue expert, Prof. Silke Gutjahr; interview on specific topics identified during the course of the lessons and/or present in the texts indicated in the programme.)

Students will only be admitted to the oral test after having passed the written test.

Examples of frequently asked questions and / or exercises

Describe a monument in one's own city.

Write an e-mail reply for a room reservation.

Translate a text from German into Italian (brochure or tourist guide).

Know how to identify specific grammatical structures within a text.

Explain the meaning of the vocabulary explored in the text "Piccolo viaggio nell'anima tedesca".