Academic Year 2023/2024 - Teacher: GIORGIO DE GUIDI

Expected Learning Outcomes

The student will acquire knowledge and they will understand the concepts of:

- Earth geology; volcanic, sedimentary and metamorphic domains;

- reading and using topographical maps;

- valuing and interpreting the geological or geomorphological heritage of geosites as cultural heritage;

- describing the Geological Heritage as an asset of all to be managed and protected to ensure its maintenance

Course Structure

The course will be held through 36 hours of lectures, laboratory and practical ground exercises (6 CFU)

Part of the frontal hours are carried out on the ground.

If the class will be carried out in a mixed or remote way, the necessary changes may be introduced with respect to what was previously stated, in order to respect the program reported in the syllabus

Required Prerequisites

Good knowledge of physical geography

Detailed Course Content

- The Geosphere and its components: structure of the solid Earth, hydrosphere and atmosphere.

- Minerals and rocks

- The magmatic, sedimentary and metamorphic lithogenetic processes; criteria for recognising rocks according to their genesis;

- How the Earth is transformed and landscape evolution

- Geosites: definition

- localities or territories of scientific/environmental interest of a geological, geomorphological, paleontological and mineralogical nature;

- protection of Geosites: legislation

- Regional Catalogue of Sicily's Geosites: state of the art

- Geosites in the Etna area

- Geosites tourism

- Open-air laboratory activities: Use of topographic maps; field visits to geosites and practical activities to describe and enhance the geological heritage