Academic Year 2017/2018 - 3° Year
Teaching Staff: Paola Clara LEOTTA
Credit Value: 7
Taught classes: 42 hours
Term / Semester:

Learning Objectives

The course aims at consolidating and deepening students’ linguistic skills particularly concerning the grammatical, morphological and phonological aspects of language (B1 level of the Common European Framework), the ability of reading comprehension and the comment on specialized texts belonging to the fields of psychology.

Entry level: A2.

Achievement level: B1.

Detailed Course Content

Grammatical, morphological and phonological analysis of texts of different typologies; reading comprehension activities with a focus on scientific lexicon on Psychology and particularly on the following topics:

- A brief history of psychology; Psychology/Psychologies

- Clinical and abnormal psychology: types of psychotherapy

- General psychology

- Memory

- Stimuli

- Cognitive Psychology

- Developmental Psychology

- The Strange Situation

- Erikson

- Piaget

- Freedom Writers

- The Health benefits of journaling

- The Popularization of Psychological Discourse

Textbook Information

- Grammar: M. Swan, C. Walter, D. Bertocchi, The Good Grammar Book for Italian Students, Oxford U.P., Oxford 2007 (only for reference)

- Language Skills: Handouts.

Monographic course (Prof.ssa Leotta):

- English for Psychology:

1. S. Porro, English for Psychological Studies, Celid, Torino 2013, pp. 7- 42;

2. Handouts on The Health benefits of journaling, The Popularization of Psychological Discourse (about 16 pages).