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Academic Year 2023/2024 - Teacher: SILVIA MARIA RITA PLATANIA

Expected Learning Outcomes

The aim of the course is to investigate the consumption choices and economic behavior. The origins and developments of economic psychology, decision-making processes that affect the choices of consumption, cognitive and emotional aspects of consumer behavior, consumer psychology and marketing strategies, represent the "key words" that will guide the content of the course.

Detailed Course Content

The course will be structured around the analysis of three main themes:

a) the origins and developments of economic psychology;

b) the psychological bases of consumer behavior;

c) the "new consumption" " (neuro-marketing and internet marketing).

Textbook Information

a) & b): Olivero, N., Russo, V., Psicologia dei consumi, 2° ed. McGraw-Hill, Milano, 2103 (except chapters. 11, 12, 13 - 450 pp.);

c): references suggested by the professor

N.B.: alternative references may be specified by the professore at the beginning of the course.