Department Journal 'Annali'

Annali is a yearly published Department Scientific Journal, double blind-reviewd.

The Journal focuses on investigations and reflections, dealing with individual’s life-long formative influences, and conducted according to theoretical, empiric or historically-related methods. The Journal’s editorial policy aims to avoid expressing preference for specific thematic or scientifically-oriented interests, but rather requires rigorous critical and methodological criteria in Authors' investigative approaches.

The Journal accepts original contributions on themes of a wide range of interest, reflecting Department-related research issues. At the same time it welcomes contributions from scholars, both Italian and foreign, also from outside the Department.

Some articles are published in English, all have English abstracts.

The Journal has been already published in paper form since 2002, and is presently in an open access on line format. Combining both traditional and innovative means of communication, Annali can meet present scientific community’s standards.

The Journal is cited in ACNP, Annèe Philologique, BASE, DOAJ, EZB, Google Scholar, Medioevo Latino, MedOANet, PLEIADI, RI-Opac, WorldCat. 

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12/02/2019 - 08:50