Erasmus Department Office

The Erasmus Department Office welcomes and offers assistance to the incoming students in the various phases of their permanence here. Students can find informations on the following matters:
The Department's Erasmus Office

After students' arrival in Catania and after completing the registration procedures for the welcome days, they will have to come to our Department's Erasmus Office (IDU) in order to obtain the necessary information on the educational aspects of your mobility. The office will give them the timetable of the lessons, the records of the lessons and the evaluation certificate. They must register their participation in all the classes indicated in your Learning Agreement. 

Rules on attending lessons in the Department

The professors will regularly record the date and hours of classes attended. During the exam sessions, the teachers will verify if the minimum 60% of the lessons have been provided and, in this case, they will allow you to take the exam. Otherwise, you will not be able to take the exam.


If students are admitted to the courses they will need to use the exam certificate for the exams. Every time they take an exam they will have to give this document to the professor who will complete it (it must be completed even if the exam has failed). After the exam, they will have to obtain the original document, keep it and deliver it to the IDU, at the end of your mobility, to issue the certificate of recognition results.

Ending your mobility
At the end of mobility, students will need to visit the IDU with the following original documents:
  • Student card;
  • Learning agreement;
  • assessment certificates (approved and failed tests);
  • attendance at lessons.
Once all the documents have been checked, the IDU will issue a certificate of recognition of acknowledgments and will provide it, in a sealed envelope, to the student who must then visit the IMO to complete the procedure and obtain the final signature on the certificate of results recognition.
Another option: traineeships

Within the Erasmus study it is possible to undertake a traineeship activity, but only if it is regularly included in the learning agreement and if it is preceded by at least three months of didactic activities. The traineeship activity must be carried out in a related society, with the University of Catania, and must be instructed by a professor belonging to the student's degree course in Catania, who will be responsible for the relations between the University of Catania and the company. At the end of the internship, the company will send the tutor a report on the activities that will prepare a certificate certifying the activities and the placement period. This certificate will be included in the certificate of recognition results. You will have two months, starting from the registration date, to change your learning agreements.


Department delegate
Prof. Roberta PIAZZA
Dr. Tiziana Lucrezia CARUSO
Phone: +39 0957466310
via Teatro Greco 84 -  "Le Verginelle" Building
Phone: +39 0957466310
Opening hours
Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday   
10 - 12 am
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