Associate Professor of PUBLIC LAW [IUS/09]
Office: Via Biblioteca, 4-PALAZZO INGRASSIA, piano terra, stanza II
Office Hours: Monday from 11:00 to 12:00 | Wednesday from 16:30 to 17:00

Graduated in law in 2001 at the University of Catania with a final mark of 110/110 cum laude.

PhD in Public and Constitutional Law at the  University of Naples "Federico II".

Research Fellow in Constitutional Law at the University of Catania.

Researcher of Public Law at the University of Catania.

Qualified as Associate Professor since 2014.

Professor of “Istituzioni di Diritto Pubblico” (Public Law) at the University of Catania, where he also teaches “Tutela multilivello dei soggetti deboli” (Multilevel Protection of weak subjects) at the Degree Course in “Scienze dell’educazione e della formazione” (Education and Training Sciences), “Diritto dell’immigrazione” (Immigration Law) at the Master in “Organizzazione e Gestione delle Istituzioni scolastiche in contesti multiculturali” (Organization and Management of educational institutions in multicultural contexts), and “Legislazione primaria e secondaria riferita all’integrazione scolastica” (Primary and secondary legislation referring to scholastic integration) at the specialization course for didactic support activities for students with disabilities. At the same university he also taught “Diritto amministrativo” (Administrative Law) at the Specialized Degree Course in Economics, “Legislazione dei beni culturali” (Cultural Heritage Legislation) at the Specialization School in Archaeological Heritage, “Diritto dello sport” (Sports Law) at the Master in Sports Management.

He was also Professor in Constitutional Law at the LUMSA University, in Palermo.

Member of the Scientific Committee of the Specialization Course in "Comunicazione del territorio” (Communication of the territory), established by the University of Catania and the University Consortium "Archimede" of Siracusa.

Member of the Editorial Committee of the "Rivista AIC", a category A scientific journal of the Italian Association of Constitutionalists, and of "Diritti Regionali".

Lawyer since 2004, year in which he was awarded by the Order of Lawyers of Catania the "Toga d’oro", a prize awarded to the candidate ranked first in the competition tests for the qualification to the legal profession.

Member of the commission of examinations for the qualification to the profession of lawyer at the Court of Appeal of Catania (year 2014/15), just D.M. 18.11.2014 of the Ministry of Justice.

Component of multiple research projects. Speaker at numerous scientific conferences, national and international. He is the author of the monographic work "Legislatori regionali e legislazione europea" (2012), as well as dozens of articles and scientific essays on the subject of Public and Constitutional Law.

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