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Erasmus Program

The Department of Educational Sciences has created administrative agreements with both European and other foreign Universities for coordinating the degree courses offered (Educational Science, Tourism, and Psychology).
The agreements for students and staff exchanges are increasing every year. New Agreements proposed from EU Universities or non-EU partners are considered and welcomed. 

Students from European Universities may spend one or two semesters at the University of Catania after having been assigned through the Erasmus coordinator at their University.
If you are interested in studying in the Department of Educational Sciences, please be informed of the agreements stipulated between our Department and your University.

The Erasmus Office of the Department welcomes and offers assistance to the incoming students in the various phases of their permanence here.
The Department does not offer courses exclusively taught in English, but you can find educational program descriptions and application norms in English inside courses degree menu.



Department delegate
Dr. Tiziana Lucrezia CARUSO
Phone: +39 095 74 66 310
via Teatro Greco 84 -  "Le Verginelle" Building
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10 - 12 am
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