Gabriella D'APRILE

Office: Palazzo Ingrassia Via Biblioteca, piano terra, stanza IV
Phone: +390952508054
Office Hours: Tuesday from 10:30 to 11:30 | Wednesday from 11:00 to 12:00

Gabriella D’Aprile is a researcher in general and social pedagogy at the Education Department,
University of Catania, where she is also an adjunct professor in General Education and
Intercultural Education. Her research interests lay in two main areas: one is of a theoretical
nature concerning the field of the pedagogy of learning (models and practices of active education
and outdoor learning) and intercultural education; the other has a historical-theoretical basis and
focuses on the models, themes, and forms (also unpublished) of active education and the
international educational regeneration of the New Education. She has carried out research at the
Fondation Jean Piaget, the Bureau International d’Education (BIE), the Archives Institut J-J
Rousseau (AIJRJ) of the University of Geneva (FPSE), and participated in international research
projects and scientific and editorial initiatives concerning the movement of new education and
active school in Europe (Univ. de Gèneve, Univ. de Picardie Jules-Vernee, Univ. Paris 8, Univ
de Vic – Catalunya). Since 2003 she has regularly taken part in SSD M-PED/01 (PRA and FIR)
research programs at the University of Catania. She is co-director of the international series of
education studies and the history of education “Formazione e Memoria Operante” (published by
Apogeo Education and Maggioli), and the series regarding education and learning “EducAzione”
– (published by A&G Cuecm) and referee for journals in the field of education. She has taken
part in research projects at the University and given papers at national and international
conferences. She is a member of the SIPED group “Intercultural Pedagogy”.

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